Projects - إنشاء سكن للمدربين والمتدربين لبرنامج جنرال موتورز

إنشاء سكن للمدربين والمتدربين لبرنامج جنرال موتورز

Project Description

Completing the construction of housing for trainers and trainees for the General Motors program in Jeddah. This includes three residential buildings, each building has three floors, with a total area of (1,193 square meters) per building, with a total number of (144) residential units, as well as works for the public site and private parking lots, with a total area of (18,235 m2).

It includes The contract is to implement the project’s service rooms, which include the guard room, the electricity room, the electric generator room, and the pump room. This includes providing materials, equipment, workers, and all things necessary to implement, complete, and maintain the works described in the contract.

General Corporation for Technical and Vocational Training

Project Location

Project Type
General Contracting

Duration of the project
46 Months