General Construction

(Construction - Repair - Demolition – Restoration)

Building forum company companies work on completing many projects of a special nature in construction and construction, and among those projects implemented by the Construction Forum Contracting Company are all types of construction, building and restoration fields and everything related to building and construction works, including:
- Residential complexes
- Administrative buildings and commercial center
- Building hospitals and schools
- Towers and hotels
- All public facilities and facilities

Building forum company, as one of the contracting companies, works to implement the required projects by providing the following engineering services.

It includes works on foundations, walls, columns, stairs, beams, slabs, bricks, and concrete mix design.

These are structures that are made up of steel plates and columns. Metal structures are characterized by their ability to withstand high pressure and do not consume building materials like concrete buildings.

Civil works extend to cover the construction of buildings, their infrastructure, concrete buildings and finishing works .

We work to restore concrete buildings and cracks, and support paint and electrical connections to work on raising the efficiency of buildings and facilities.

We carry out all types of finishes and decorations for administrative buildings, residential complexes, factories and factories with the latest international tastes, with full commitment to the quality of finishing.

Building forum company has set rules that it adheres to in order to excel and be unique in the field of construction, including:


Careful planning

We have a specialized advisory and administrative work team with previous experience, to work on determining the budget and work requirements and selecting the appropriate construction and engineering supervision team.

Commitment to the delivery date

Projects are completed and delivered on time, while adhering to quality standards due to our commitment to the plan previously set by the work team.

Accuracy of implementation

Building forum company is committed to the accuracy and speed of implementing projects and paying attention to the accuracy of details while adhering to quality and timing standards to bring the project to the ideal implementation required.