Electricity works

Building forum company is one of the partners of the Saudi Electricity Company through the unified contract for distribution networks in the Northern Border Electricity Department.

The company has a team of electrical engineers and technicians specialized in electrical work, designs and maintenance, for all types of buildings, high pressure, low pressure and fiber optic networks. Our expertise is not limited to installation only, but begins with designing systems appropriate to the needs and requirements of the client, and we have engineers specialized in the fields of information and communications networks and surveillance cameras. The fire alarm network, central television, voice radio, and other systems, and the implementation of electrical work from within, each according to its nature, whether it is a residential unit or an administrative unit, and this is done in accordance with the client’s desires, and in accordance with international specifications and the Saudi code.
Since its establishment, the company has recorded continuous successes in technical works projects, electrical installations, road lighting, electrical generation stations and communications networks, designed and implemented according to the highest international standards. Many projects have been implemented in the field of lighting works and generation stations and their complete protection, in addition to implementing electricity networks for public and private projects and networks. Communications and accessories.

Installing, removing, replacing, modifying and maintaining low- and medium-voltage air and ground distribution networks, all high-, low- and medium-voltage cable extension work, and all the preparatory work for the most complete work so that the network is ready for operation and release of power.

Electrical work includes pre-planning and design of the building's electrical system. This includes determining the locations of electrical connections and determining the number of sockets, switches, lamps and other devices required, as well as the work of extending and connecting electrical wires in the building, as well as supplying and installing all types of electrical panels and all site lighting and interior lighting works.

It includes the design, supply and installation of all types of networks, telephone network systems, information network systems and access control systems, as well as all pre-installation preparation work, operating tests and implementation plans.

It includes the design, supply and installation of all types of fire alarm network systems, supply and installation of external and internal camera surveillance systems, as well as all pre-installation preparation work, operating tests and implementation plans.

Implementing and supplying solar energy products with high quality and competitive prices to help the business sector to reduce the burden of high energy costs and all energy storage systems to ensure continuity of energy supply and improve the reliability of the solar photovoltaic system.

Building forum company has set rules that it adheres to in order to excel and be unique in the field of construction, including:


Careful planning

We have a specialized advisory and administrative work team with previous experience, to work on determining the budget and work requirements and selecting the appropriate construction and engineering supervision team.

Commitment to the delivery date

Projects are completed and delivered on time, while adhering to quality standards due to our commitment to the plan previously set by the work team.

Accuracy of implementation

Building forum company is committed to the accuracy and speed of implementing projects and paying attention to the accuracy of details while adhering to quality and timing standards to bring the project to the ideal implementation required.