Mechanical works

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Works - Fire Fighting - Gas Networks

Building forum company has a team of mechanical engineers and technicians specialized in mechanical works, with experience and efficiency in managing and implementing all the various mechanical works that are characterized by conformity with international specifications according to the international and Saudi codes. It is distinguished by quality and creativity in the design, supply and installation of air conditioning and ventilation works, sewage networks, nutrition and anti-aging. Fire, irrigation, duct work (air ducts), and maintenance for the central air conditioning system and cooling devices for all types of buildings. The company supplies and installs all mechanical equipment, desalination and water treatment plants, and implements cooling and water circulation pipe networks, pumps, and lifting and sewage stations through an elite group of specialized engineers and technicians.

Below are the services provided by the company in the field of mechanical works:

Supply and installation of all nutrition and sewage networks, flood drainage networks, fire-fighting networks, irrigation and gas networks in cities, residential or industrial areas, commercial buildings, hospitals and educational buildings.

It includes all refrigeration and air conditioning works of all types for commercial, industrial, tourist and residential facilities, as well as all pre-installation equipment work in terms of studying and determining the required capabilities and implementation plans.

Forum Building Company is distinguished by its integration in firefighting systems in terms of design, supply, installation and testing of the effectiveness of the system, all according to the international and local specifications required by customers and in line with the status of their projects.

Supply, installation, testing and operation of all water, fire, sewage and irrigation pump rooms for all projects and buildings, as well as all pre-installation equipment work in terms of studying and determining the required capabilities and implementation plans.

Implementing all ground and overhead water tank projects, including all construction works, all pipe works and their affiliated rooms, inlet and outlet pipes, washing and draining, all valves that can be connected to the SCADA system and their affiliated rooms.

Building forum company has set rules that it adheres to in order to excel and be unique in the field of construction, including:


Careful planning

We have a specialized advisory and administrative work team with previous experience, to work on determining the budget and work requirements and selecting the appropriate construction and engineering supervision team.

Commitment to the delivery date

Projects are completed and delivered on time, while adhering to quality standards due to our commitment to the plan previously set by the work team.

Accuracy of implementation

Building forum company is committed to the accuracy and speed of implementing projects and paying attention to the accuracy of details while adhering to quality and timing standards to bring the project to the ideal implementation required.