Projects - Establishment of a Strategic Water Tank capacity of 50000m3

Establishment of a Strategic Water Tank capacity of 50000m3

Project Description

Establishing a strategic water tank with a capacity of 50 thousand m3 at the site of the General Directorate of Water in Al-Mahd in order to supply the centers and villages surrounding Al-Mahd. The work includes implementing the proposed reservoir, including all construction and road works surrounding the tank. It also includes all pipe works and related rooms, including civil and electrical works. Mechanical, inlet and outlet pipes, washing, and drainage.

The contract also includes the necessary electrical work and lighting at the proposed site, in addition to the supply of all valves that can be connected to the SCADA system and its affiliated rooms to complete the work. The work also includes connecting the inlet line with a diameter of 600 mm to the existing tank on the site, with a capacity of 10. Thousands of cubic meters, and connection to the SWCC3 desalination site in Mahd (MAHD TERMINAL STATION MAT) according to the requirements of the General Corporation for Saline Water Conversion.

Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture

Project Location
Mahd Al-Dhahab (Medina)

Project Type
Mechanical Works

Duration of the project
36 months